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Vacation Packages and Travel Deals

May 21, 2015 Uncategorized


Vacation Packages and Travel Deals  (And Where to Find Them)

We love deals, and we love vacations. What better way to service you than to find you combinations of ways to save money while going out to enjoy yourself? Many websites offer variations of discounts on hotel, airfare, and dining packages, but sometimes you might not know where to look. Here, we will discuss the companies and websites that are dedicated to helping you enjoy some time off, on a budget. Whether in the sand or in the snow, we will find a way for you to save on your vacation experience.

One of the most popular ways to plan a vacation and get package deals or all inclusive deals is with Hotwire. ( This link takes you directly to the “vacation planning” page of the website. The reason this company and its website are so popular is due to the customization that is available to the user. Directly on the page, you’ll be able to enter your starting point, your desired location, the dates you’d like to leave and return, and then: viola! Numerous packages associated with your area are directly at your fingertips. They offer combined airfare and hotel packages, as well as information about all inclusive resorts. If website navigation is not your forte, the webpage provided also gives you the direct customer service number. Someone will sit on the phone with you and help you plan your discount vacation!

Expedia is another company that wants you to go on a vacation that fits your budget. This company is very popular among users, and has an excellent customer service reputation. Not only do they let you bundle a flight and hotel, but unlike many other companies, they allow you to completely customize whatever part of the bundling that you’d like. There are ways to bundle the lodging and car rental, or the flight and car rental, or the flight, hotel, and car rental altogether. Not many companies and websites offer such varieties of choice. On their website, ( this company also includes a $25 promotion code for your first hotel booking on their free mobile phone app. The link is directly on the page. Twenty five dollars might not seem like much, but any discount helps when planning a vacation on a budget.

Another excellently rated company that will provide vacation discounts and travel packages is Travelocity ( They provide the same customization options as Expedia, but they even go a step further. Directly on the webpage provided, there is a $250 discount available on a vacation to Nassau Paradise Island. The company also provides exclusive mobile phone discounts through their app, and has a place to provide your phone number in order to immediately receive and partake in the discount packages via mobile. They also have numerous sales available, such as 40% off holiday vacations, and sometimes give you extremely high discounts on vacations of your choice. All of these package and vacation discounts are prominently displayed on the vacation customization webpage available, so go get started!

Priceline is also there to help you locate packages at a discount rate ( It should be noted that their interface is a bit easier to use than their competitors’, but it does not provide as many customization options for the user. This company provides plenty of options for all inclusive vacations to specialty resorts with discounts figured into the price. One example is a vacation to Atlantis resort (all inclusive) with unlimited access to the water park for $189 a night. They also provide packages for popular vacation destinations such as Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, and Hawaii. Priceline provides an excellent interface for search, and while their customization options aren’t as thorough, it’s easy to navigate and locate the desired deals.

There are many other places to search for vacation package deals; they are just not as well known or as highly rated as the companies already mentioned. One of these is They focus mainly on airfare, but still have the option for bundling and provide quality vacation package deals for the user. This website provides links to popular destination discount packages, such as Hawaii, Las Vegas, the Caribbean, and popular Florida destinations.

Funjet, ( also provides excellent deals and discounts for specific destinations. They sometimes provide promotions such as 50% off to select resorts, discounted airfare, and bulk prices for worldwide popular hotels (such as in Jamaica, Cancun, Punta Cana, etc.) Their interface is a bit complicated to adjust to, but they provide excellent deals and discounts once the customization options are figured out.

Planning your dream vacation on a budget is not impossible. It takes a little research and determination. It’s time to reward yourself for years of hard work and find the vacation package deal that works for you and your family. Choose your destination, your dates, and these companies will help you plan your dream vacation (and save you tons of money).

Nikki Smith

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