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Get Cash Back With These Cool Apps

May 17, 2015 Uncategorized


We love finding you great deals and coupons to use on your purchases. This deal is a bit different. This is a way to help you get cash back on the things that you’d already be purchasing throughout the month. Many people spend hundreds of dollars a month on their grocery lists, depending on their family size. Most of these people also own a smart phone, and have the ability to download apps that will definitely provide great deals for you on a consistent basis.

Specifically for the iPhone, the app “iBotta” provides the user with an interface that shows what items are for sale that week, and which deals can get the user a bit of cash back from their uploaded receipts. There are multiple offers each week, and there is a time frame in which the user can upload the receipt for proof in order to reap the benefits.

Much like “iBotta”, there is also an app called “Snap by Groupon”. They are affiliated with Groupon, but the concept is a little different. Once you sign up via the app, there are multiple weekly offers to be taken advantage of. Examples are: $1.50 cash back on a 12-pack of canned Coca-Colas, $1.00 off any brand loaf of bread, $0.50 cash back on the purchase of a can of soup, and many more. Available on iPhone and Android.

Finally, “Checkout 51” has a fabulous and user-friendly interface. This app is probably the most popular and helpful for users. It also allows the user to upload their receipts for cash back, but the user also gets to determine which store they’d like to shop at for each offer. Many other cash back apps have offers that are store specific, but the offers from “Checkout 51” always allow a choice for the user who might want to help out a local small business. This app also has a desktop website, so it’s possible to get cash back without a smart phone at all! Available on iPhone and Android.

This article is not to suggest that you purchase a ton of unnecessary things in order to get cash back on the items. However, if you’re going to be shopping anyway, why not take advantage?

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